Our Story

“Knowledge, like a sea, is boundless; only through hard study can one reach the destination.”

— Chinese Proverb


Deepsim Academy is the online school website of the Training Department in Deepsim Intelligence Technology Inc., a leading Artificial Intelligence-based service company. We focus on online courses about programming languages, data analysis and visualization, modelling, simulation and prediction, machine learning, image detection and classification, etc., while it also provides face-to-face group training and individual training on the same subjects.

Mission & Vision

We strive to provide our students with cutting-edge courses that will enable them to gain the skills in practical and easy understanding ways to succeed in their careers and keep them in the lead. 

Things that make us proud

Choose your learning level


Anyone can learn what he/she is intereted in even without any knowledge.


We also provide courses at advanced levels for you if you already rich experience in the fields .


You can learn the intermediate courses if you have already experience or fundamentals.


Our instructors are Professors or experts with Master's degree or Ph.D., who are happy to help you master skills in the courses.

Our Team

Shouke Wei

Ph.D., Professor

Courtney Henry

Assistant Professor

Jane Cooper

Assistant Professor

Devon Lane